Who I am

and what I do?

My name is Martina Schäferová and that’s why I call myself SCHA.MA.nka.

I believe that in my touch, there is a real potential to awaken your energy and thus wake up your potential and intuition that will lead you into your future life. It will help you see yourself and others differently and from a different perspective and will most likely lead you to the path you have always dreamed of.​

I studied Economics and later worked in positions in business, marketing and also management. But over the time I realized that these jobs were not really what I wanted to do in my life,there was still something missing in it, I was still looking for something else.

​Something like a real meaning of my life ..?​

Thanks to various interesting and sometimes almost unbelievable situations and “coincidences” I have experienced in my life, I have come to realize that this all led me to the point where I am right now.

Of course, I had to make a few very difficult decisions, such as stop acting for recognition and career, which did not make sense to me anymore and I started to devote myself to something completely different. Something that fulfills me much more than what I used to do and what is beneficial not only to me, but also to my surroundings at the same time.

​I believe that work with energy has been destined for me. I understood that it is much more important to benefit society than only myself through my work. In the end, I actually help myself too by leading my surroundings for better coexistence, greater tolerance and an effort to help and support each other, and my life becomes much easier thanks to this all too. So I would like to invite you to try one of the most famous part of tantra – a tantric massage. More about tantric massage can be found in the section SERVICES – TANTRIC MASSAGE DESCRIPTION.

​I also want to offer you other really powerful tantric techniques that awaken the body and the mind. Such as DeArmouring, which includes anal and vaginal mapping, orgasmic yoga, orgasmic meditation and many others. There are fears, blocks and behavior patterns in our bodies that we do not usually realize and which can have and very often really have a significant impact on our lives. If we look for their cause, we usually find it in our childhood and younger adulthood when we learned them while growing up, developing and becoming mature. All of these techniques have a very strong potential to realize and process more or less anything that is within us and thanks to that improve not only our lives, but also our relationships with people around us.

Martina Schäferová